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About Authentic Counseling: Colorado Women's & Family Counseling

We believe that when provided the opportunity, you have the potential to find your AUTHETC SELF. This means we want to help you find the way to live as your GENUINE and TRUE self. Helping you find the ability to discover the different facets of your personality and accept them as a part of yourself. Helping you experience relationships in a way that you can be sincere with your thoughts and feelings. Authentic Counseling LLC is different than other counseling practices because we believe that you are in control of your experience and we want to walk alongside you on this journey rather than providing the directions. We value your opinion and ability to be vulnerable as well as when you are not.

From the time Ashley left her undergraduate program she knew she has a passion for women and their experiences. She knew that while similar in theory, actual life experiences between men and women are very different. This passion has only continued to increase after working with women of all ages in the community. Helping you to find your voice and a space to explore and love yourself is what Ashley strives to do in each session. Ashley specializes in women’s issues as well as well as anxiety and coping skills to use when you are feeling overwhelmed. She understands that life’s transitions can be challenging especially as a woman and that women should feel empowered by their sex, gender and individuality.


Meet Ashley

Ashley Mason of Authentic CounselingMeet the Counselor: Ashley Manson of Denver, Colorado

Ashley is a native to Colorado who spends her time with her family outdoors. She enjoys traveling whenever she can and would like to visit all 50 states and each continent. She is an avid reader and believes in reading for knowledge but also for pleasure. (Be sure to check out the Authentic Counseling Resource page for some of Ashley's top reads!). It was through her work with teens and adolescents in the criminal justice system that she found her true passion is working with not just the person but the system. She believes in validating your experience in life and recognizing the meaning in both our negative and positive experiences. Her style is about open communication in which you can work together in coming up with goals to treatment and focusing on your journey forward.